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    A non-profit

    organization working to strengthen family bonds for little superheroes everywhere.


    Heroes Don't Always Wear Capes

    If you've ever spent more than a minute inside the walls of a children's hospital, you know that there is a common understanding that medically fragile children are superheroes. They battle disease and circumstances most adults couldn't fathom facing themselves. What's more, these kids do it with a certain joie de vivre that not only contradicts the heaviness of their reality but also inadvertently inspires and gives hope to every other human they come in contact with.


    But these tiny patients aren't the only heroes in this scenario. Doctors, nurses, parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, friends... Every member of the child's care team is a hero in their own right, many suffering from illness themselves. Extreme stress and trauma ultimately affect their psychological and physical being yet they don't ask for help. The child is their only priority,.


    These heroes walk among us and they don't wear armour or announce that they are engaged in a fight for life itself. They are silent heroes , suffering from "invisible illness" and they aren't meant to do it alone. Yet, they often do.


    That's where CapeFree Connection comes in. The power of community is healing beyond measure. A community of superheroes? Even better. What is your superpower?

    why we do what we do


    Already in America:

    🗙 An average of 50% of marriages end in divorce with a significant decline in marriages altogether.

    🗙 3 out of 5 Americans report having feelings of loneliness either “frequently” or “all the time”.

    🗙 An estimated 24% of American adults with a mental illness report an unmet need for treatment &

    this number has not declined since 2011.


    Families impacted by childhood illness additionally face:

    🗲 85% of marriages end in divorce within the first 5 years of the child’s diagnosis.

    🗲 40% of parents meeting some or all of the criteria for a clinical diagnosis of PTSD.

    🗲 58% of adolescent siblings, often referred to as, “glass children” have unexpressed emotions

    regarding a disabled brother or sister and therefore remain undiagnosed and untreated.

  • Our Mission

    is to strengthen little superheroes and their families through community and connection.

    Capefree Connection provides resources to families who have children facing extraordinary medical conditions with the purpose of maintaining union between parents and bonds among family members..

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    • Connection & Community - We believe in the healing power of community and encourage lasting connection among family members.

    • Candor & Credibility - We believe in the importance of honesty and integrity while maintaining confidentiality within our community of professionals and experienced volunteers.

    • Compassion & Care - We believe that every member of the families we serve should know that they are deeply loved and completely understood.

  • How Does CapeFree Connection Help?

    Families are supported through deliberate action to:

    🗱 Assist:



    ☇ inpatient families with gift cards, groceries, gas, reduced or no-cost home & auto services, pet care, lawn care, emergency home repairs utilities, & OTC medical expenses so they can focus more on caring for each other and connecting.

    🗱 Support:



    ☇ the relationships of all family
    members with referrals to hand-picked professionals and specialists who can provide the much-needed, physical, psychological, spiritual support SPECIFIC TO each family’s unique situation.

    🗱 Connect:



    ☇ families to families with similar shared experiences by offering social opportunities like Parent’s Night Out events, gifted group experiences, in-person gatherings, and educational events & seminars.

  • How Can YOU Help CapeFree Connection Right Now?

    CapeFree Connection currently has the following needs:

    Funding: one-time or recurring, in-kind or campaign options available.

    Your gift instantly impacts our families in need!

    $50 provides one superhero enough gas for a local, round-trip drive to & from clinic, therapy, or specialist’s office
    $100 provides dinner & a movie for super parents who haven’t stepped away from inside of the hospital for weeks or months on end
    $500 provides some counseling for a family just learning to cope with diagnosis or loss
    $1,500 provides groceries for 8-10 superhero families who are having trouble making ends meet.

    Reduced or no-cost products and services

    One small act of kindness helps in many BIG ways!



    * small business owners and contractors, volunteers (plumbing, house cleaning, lawn care, laundry, pet care, childcare, etc

    * practitioners and professionals - health and wellness, counseling and therapies, life coaching, bereavement support, etc.




    * (office) paper, toner, folders, pens, etc.

    * gift cards or certificates (gas, groceries, restaurants, experiences)

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    Give 2 gifts for the price of one!  

    By purchasing a t-shirt for a superhero you love, you'll be supporting the families we serve.


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