Our Store Is Open!

That's right! We have MERCH! 

SuperStatus t-shirts are now available and all proceeds go to CapeFree! 

Don’t forget, that YOU, as a member of the CapeFree Community are a super-supporter and deserve to wear it on a shirt!

We went ahead a made the shirt. 

Now you can go get one!

You can do this by clicking here:

If you don't feel like a shirt is equivalent to how awesome you are as part of our vital support system, you may also opt to purchase more than one t-shirt You could actually buy a SuperStatus shirt for every hero you know! 

Then, you could share the store link with your coworkers, family, friends, neighbors… really, just about anyone you think deserves to shout it out that they have superpowers!! 

Oh, and don't worry. If they give you a hard time about having to be incognito, there are directions over here about in-kind donations, too: